Professional team of ROOF CARE offers a complete water proofing, thermal insulation and finishing system meeting the latest Dubai Municipality Green Building regulations. A combination of Spray applied Polyurethane and high quality SRI coating, Combo- CRC keeps the roof cool.



      The system help create energy-saving roofs that reflect the sun’s heat and prevent it from being absorbed into the building, reducing air conditioning or cooling costs by as much as 20 percent.
      The system ultimately extends the life span of the roof due to its resistance to a wide range of temperature fluctuations.


  • Complies with Dubai Municipality Green Building Regulation.
  • Better thermal insulation. Provides U value less than 0.3 W/m2K
  • DCL Certified insulation.
  • Combo CRC top coat has excellent solar reflectance of 86%.
  • Meets SRI requirement of green building regulation ≥ 78.
  • Keeps the roof cool and thus provides better thermal comfort in the building.
  • Significantly lowering energy consumption /cooling loads from air-conditioning.
  • Increasing the lifetime of roofs.