Why Combo Roof System?

CR Logo2Combo Roof system is a comprehensive system comprising of waterproofing, thermal insulation and finishing for the roof. This unique system is a technically advanced fast curing. Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) Certified PU Foam system which forms joint free water proofing and thermal insulation is fully bonded to the roof slab. This system provides a manufacturer’s Guarantee of 25 years against any leakage. The uniqueness of this system is that the manufacturer and the applicator is the same. The system meets all latest thermal insulation standards and regulations in UAE and is accepted by all major property developers, consultants and contractors. The system is also approved by various authorities like Dubai Municipality, Sharjah Municipality, Sharjah Water and Electricity authority and Trakhees; Combo Roof system is an assured solution for your roof.

Trusted Competence

ROOF CARE is a member of the US Green Building Council and known as approved solution provider for authorities and clients like Dubai Municipality, Public Works Department, Estidama and Trakhees with more than 3000 projects across the GCC with a complaint rate less than 0.2%. This is why customers trust our competence. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we are committed to deliver and install high quality thermal protection and roof waterproofing systems that are guaranteed for a life time of 25 years. Backed up with the R&D support of Henkel, we assure highest quality standards and develop new roofing systems as the known innovation driver in roof waterproofing solutions

Time Efficiency

Combo Roof is the fastest way to insulate and waterproof your entire roof. Highly efficient spray technologies, specially designed detailing and perfectly matching system components combined with the employment of modern application technologies enables the Combo Roof system to save up to 40% time compared with a standard 500 M² roofing system. Furthermore, the use of standardized systems and optimized application techniques reduces the risk of application errors and leads as such to the most secure roofing installation. With all this measure, Combo Roof is designed with four effectively fully bonded waterproofing layers which make any water leakage more or less impossible. Combo Roof is a fast and reliable roofing system.

Benefits of Combo Roof System

  • Joint free insulation & waterproofing with 25 years manufacturers Guarantee.
  • Load Bearing Capacity up to 2½ Tons per Sq.Mtr.
  • Single submittal & approval for the entire system.
  • Roof tiles not required.
  • Fully mechanized time saving installation procedures.
  • Ability & capacity to undertake fast track projects.
  • Easy repair & maintenance.
  • Multilayer Waterproofing.
  • Lower electricity consumption due to better insulation.
  • Thermal shock resistant roof

Guaranteed Waterproofing

Products and their performance do not matter alone when it comes to waterproofing. The application has utmost importance. This is why Combo Roof is just installed by ROOF CARE to assure the highest performance of all system elements. It starts with the spray application of the 2-component PU foam to assure 100 percent bonding to the substrate and ends with the application of the final liquid applied final coating. With own team of 400 plus trained employees, ROOF CARE undertakes installation and ensures quality following right application methods recommended by the parent organisation that manufactures all relevant components of the system


Combo Roof Application

Combo Roof Application Procedure

Site Preparation

Upon casting and complete curing of roof slab, ROOF CARE’s engineer shall visit the site to inspect the roof and accept the roof for waterproofing and heat insulation works. A preliminary site inspection shall be carried out and any further preparation work if required shall be brought to the attention of the main contractor

PU Application

Upon completion of cleaning, spray application of the 1st shall commence where a combination of Polyol & MDI is sprayed onto the roof slab including up stands using Gusmer’s combination equipment. The spray applied foam in liquid state hits the slab at a high pressure and penetrates into every crack and pin holes that exist on the slab. In minute it expands 30 times its volume and solidifies thereby sealing the entire substrate. The foam creates an impermeable waterproofing cum insulation layer with high thermal resistance, closing all pores and cracks that exists in the roof slab.

UV Protection Coating

On completion of polyurethane foam application, POLY TEX acrylic liquid UV protection coating shall be applied over entire foam to protect it from UV rays till the water test procedure is completed.

Flood Testing the Roof

Once acrylic UV coating is completely dried (minimum 24 hours), Our Engineer will visit the site to inspect the works completed and give clearance for flood test (minimum 24 hours), On successful completion of flood test a test report shall be prepared and maintained for records.

Panelling and Screed Laying

Upon successful completion of flood test, water shall be removed and POLYFAB geo-textile (120gsm) membrane shall be laid as a protection layer over the entire roof area and our crew will do the paneling work using POLYBOARD expansion joint filler board and pre-mixed cementitious adhesive mortar to attain the desired slope levels prior to commencement of screeding works.

Protective screed of 300 OPC 10 mm aggregate, 25 N/mm2 strength screed will be laid in panels. Minimum thickness of the screed will be 45 mm and average thickness will be 80 mm. The screed will be finished manually by our trained masons and cured as per standard procedures. The screed is added with plasticizers and micro fibres to avoid crack.

Angle Fillets and Joint Treatments

Angle fillets are done after application of POLY BOND PVA bonding agent to the corners of size 100×100 mm. Once screed is completely cured, all construction joints shall be opened and treated using heavy duty POLY SEAL 1 PU Polyurethane sealant and backing rod for accommodating movement of the concrete during expansion and contraction.


Once sealant applied is completely cured, POLYFLEX – COMBO acrylic cementitious coating shall be applied over entire screed including upstands to form a uniform coating of maximum thickness 1000 microns. This coating provide aesthetic look to the roof.